I am an urban strategist, planner, and designer working towards a more equitable and environmentally just future. I thrive in multidisciplinary teams and have a knack for listening and synthesizing. I love finding creative ways of communicating complex issues, both visually and through interactive methods for engaging communities.

I currently work as the Resilience Design Manager for the City of New Orleans where I guide the implementation of green infrastructure and other resilience projects with a focus on coordinating across departments and ensuring projects are designed for multiple community and climate benefits. Under the direction of the City’s Chief Resilience Officer, I am a core member of the team that developed the award-winning Resilient New Orleans: Strategic actions to shape our future city, the city's first-ever climate action strategy Climate Action for a Resilient New Orleans, and the city's $141 million award-winning proposal to HUD's National Disaster Resilience CompetitionI also helped craft a strategic vision for vacant land citywide and supported the planning, design, and implementation of 60+ projects and programs that creatively reuse vacant land to reduce flooding, provide fresh produce, increase tree canopy, and beautify neighborhoods.

A native San Franciscan, I first happened upon my love for making cities work better while living in Los Angeles. I earned a Master in City Planning with a Certificate in Urban Design from MIT, and a BA in Global Studies from UCLA. In my free time I like to build terrariums, dance to zydeco music, take walks along the Mississippi River, and futilely attempt to start a Talking Heads-themed workout club called Feel the Byrne.